Picture of Event: That round thing

That round thing

Monday, July 27 2020 18:00
Event duration 60 minutes
Part of subscription :מנוי ילדים 2020

About the show

A story about two friends who occasionally dropped the sun into the sea.

They embark on a journey in a boat and search for it everywhere...

n the way they start to quarrel and fight.

A storm wrecks the boat, and the friends lose each other and nearly their lives…

Luckily, they are reunited! But where is the sun?

The show was performed over 100 times in 7 countries.



Created and performed by: Losha Gavrielov and Fyodor Makarov

Costumes: Olga Dumov

Set: Oksana and Leonid Alisov

Music: Alon Cohen

Photo credit: Daniela Melamed

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